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And here we encounter the seeds of government disaster and collapse -- the kind that wrecked ancient Rome and every other civilization that allowed a sociopolitical monster called the welfare state to exist. - Barry Goldwater

Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have. - Gerald Ford

Inaugural Article

Opinion: Free Market Prices Between Supply and Demand -- An Engineer's Perspective
A brief look at feedback control systems, the free market as a feedback control system that stabilizes prices, and why everybody pays for government interventions.


Opinion: Mr. Obama waves his magic wand.
Federal spending to be supported by $100 billion revenue from emission certificates.
Who benefits from this idea? A brief essay on the public costs of emission certificates. This article is based on an idea by the German page Econostorica.

Opinion: The Subprime Mortgage Crisis - Cause, Consequences, and Cure
Our current capital market crisis: a consequence of the greed and selfishness of the actors, right? This is what the main-stream media tells you. But the reality is different. A little-known law, the Fair Housing Act, started the avalanche that led to today's cpaital market crisis.

More subprime opinions:

Opinion: After The Subprime Crisis:
A Chronological Update and Analysis of the Events Following the Subprime Crisis. Why does Congress increase to a deficit of unprecendented levels, and what can we expect in the long term?

Opinion: A suggestion for health insurance reform
The lamento is the same everywhere. Health insurance costs are rising, the system is over-burdened, and how can we reform healthcare to create affordable coverage for everyone? Many voices cry for a government- controlled healthcare system. This article shows why government healthcare such as HillaryCare and ObamaCare is clearly the wrong way and how market forces can be made to work controlling the costs and providing efficient and affordable health care.

Opinion: Voodoo Economics, Part I: The Keynesian Multiplier
Some macroeconomists claim that government spending creates a super-proportional growth in gross domestic product (GDP). The alleged multiplication of wealth by government spending is called the Keynesian multiplier. We present the theory and the fallacies.

Opinion: Voodoo Economics, Part II: The unemployment fiasco
When Mr. Obama took office, he promised us fast recovery through government spending. Particularly, he promised a fall in unemployment rates. Today's unemplyment rate is larger than 10%, higher than ever expected. Read why - hint: it has to do with the failure of the Keynesian multiplier.


Opinion: The Obama Election Promise Checklist: what change can we really believe in? During the 2008 election campaign, Mr. Obama has promised a lot of change. Many tangible promises were listed on his campaign web pages. We took the liberty to provide a list of some selected promises so that the interested voter may keep track of Mr. Obama's progress in keeping his election promises.

Opinion: America in Distress The politization of the DHS and the silencing of the conservative voice. Two recent publications by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) give rise to a disturbing trend of using federal agencies against political dissenters.

Freedom and the Bill of Rights

Opinion: We Need a Dog Ban!
Did you know that dogs are responsible for almost five million attacks on people per year? And that this is about ten times higher than attacks by violent criminals? And about eighty times higher than criminal attacks involving firearms? Yet, politicians and anti-freedom special-interest groups want to take firearms out of private hands. Wouldn't it be even more justified to take those dangerous assault dogs out of your hands?

Opinion: F is for Freedom
Shedding Light on the Brady Campaign's Claims
The Brady Campaign's self-declared goal is to support new common-sense laws to reduce gun violence. The Brady Campaign provides a thoroughly researched list of gun laws for each state. Relating the existence or absence of those gun laws, however, reveals that most of these laws have no measurable influence on violence and crime. Is the Brady Campaign ignorant of these facts, or do they have a more sinister agenda?


Opinion: Some Climate Change Observations
In the mainstream media, we hear about a consensus of scientists that the earth gets warmer because of human activity. Let's take a look at this consensus.

Opinion: The Chronology of ClimateGate
On, or shortly before, November 20, 2009, a large number of files - including e-mails, document drafts, logs, and program code - were leaked from the Climate Research Unit of UK's East Anglian University. The files contain strong indications that support for the disputed global warming hypothesis was artificially generated by data manipulation and embellishment, suppression of raw data, intentional obfuscation of data processing methods, and biasing of the peer-reviewed publication process. This article chronicles the reaction of the media, affected scientists, and the public.

Opinion: Calculate your Carbon Footprint!
In spite of the revelation of massive fraud in climate science by proponents of the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis, we are still exhorted to reduce our carbon footprint. How big is yours? Take a look.

Opinion: The Georgia Drought
In 2007, the state of Georgia made national news with its unprecedented drought. Is it a sign of climate change? Here are some facts.

Other Issues

Opinion: Newspeak 2009 - The Dictionary. The Newspeak 2009 dictionary was originally inspired by today's significance of the word "liberal". Common sense would dictate that a liberal is a person who repects people's liberties, yet a conventional translation would be socialist. Find more words with tweaked significance in this steadily growing dictionary.

More Opinions

Can we save the world by banning incandescent lamps? It sounds deceptively easy: we are burning lots of energy in incandescent lamps as most of the power that these lamps consume is lost in heat. Now there are compact fluorescent lamps with a dramatically higher degree of efficiency. Enough for politicians in Europe and Australia to ponder an incandescent lamp ban. Unfortunately, nothing is as easy as it looks, and Rod Elliott from Elliott Sound Projects has written a thoroughly researched, highly detailed article about the pros and cons of such a ban. Click here to read the article, but be prepared that this article provides a discussion with a high level of detail, something you won't find in the main stream media.

What is Black Liberation Theology? Many of us have probably heard about Black Liberation Theology in the context of Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago where Barack Obama was a member for 20 years. Professor Anthony B. Bradley wrote a very in-depth and comprehensive article that explains the roots and fundamental beliefs of Black Liberation Theology.

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The Shadow Party by David Horowitz and Richard Poe. (Amazon Link)
What is wrong with today's parties? Traditionally, the United States gained its strength from the Constitution and the free market. People built their lives on self-reliance instead of largesse from the public treasury. Yet it seems as if government influence (and consequently, tax hunger) grow continuously. in The Shadow Party, David Horowitz and Richard Poe shed a light on the actions of a few individuals to increase their power and influence over the people. This expansion of the sphere of influence happens widely unnoticed by the public. This book exposes a large network of well-funded grassroots organizations that create political pressure from below while a small group of individuals tries to influence the government, thus creating pressure from above. Many people wedged in-between believe that the opinion of these few is the opinion of the majority. The authors paint a fearful scenario. A must-read.

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