About Moveleft.Org

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am an employee at a major state university in the USA with an education in engineering. I am also a first-generation immigrant from Europe, and I am very proud to say that I received my United States citizenship in 2002.

I'd like to quote from F.A. Hayek's highly recommendable book The Road To Serfdom:

We shall have opportunity in the course of this book to show that there are a large number of other points where at an interval of fifteen to twenty-five years we seem to follow the example of Germany. Altough one does not like to be reminded, it is not so many years since the socialist policy of that contry was generally held up by progressives as an example to be imitated [...]

I am a first-hand witness of the devastating effects of socialist policy on the economy in many European countries. I know from my own experience the reasons why unemployment in countries like France and Germany is consistently high and why key economic figures such as the gross domestic product, net domestic product, and median per-capita income are consistently lower in France and Germany than in the USA. And why socialism is a one-way road: once you distribute government largesse, you create a population that is even more dependent on just this largesse.

I am witnessing a frightening move to the left in the USA. And I observe that the USA is repeating the same mistakes that European countries made decades ago. This was reason for me to found this web site, moveleft.org, in the hopes to help my fellow citizens see the errors and mistakes that led to the economic and societal decline in Europe. The point of no return, long past in Europe, is rapidly approaching for the USA.

Moveleft.org will host thoroughly researched articles with a focus on economic issues and with long-term relevance. Moveleft.org is no blog and no web-zine. It is more intended to be a permanent resource for blogs and web-zines. As I and contributing colleagues are full-time employees who are writing these articles in our spare time, moveleft.org will grow rather slowly. Moveleft.org is completely independent from any party affiliations and financial interest. I am not a member of any political party. There will not be any advertising on this site.

Having studied the problems associated with big government, socialism, and the welfare state first-hand while I was living in such a country, my views will inevitably favor free markets and limited government. These views clash with the predominant views at the institution that I am employed at. For fear of repercussions, I prefer to remain anonymous at this time.

I can be reached at moveleftmoveleft.org.